Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Park

Ever since we took Baylor to the dog park for his birthday we have been going back almost every week. He has so much fun making new friends, getting some good excerise and swimming in the water. The park is just a trail around a lake where you can have you dogs roam free without the worries of people that don't like dogs.
The kids in there cool sunglasses and getting so dirty.

Moose in our Neighorhood

So we had a moose that gave birth to two little ones about a month ago. They were over by the elementary school but I think they wanted some fresh food so it roamed over by our house.
This is a picture that Curt took right down the road from our house. They are just having a midnight snack.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Father/Son and Mom/Daughter Day

I was feeling like our kids were needing some one-on-one attention and our kids couldn't agree on an activity that both of them could do. Curt took Corbin golfing while I took Aubrey skating. Aubrey saw some Barbie movie where she ice skates, and of course now that is what she wants to do. I told her when she turned 4 I would take her and she remembered. She did well, for her first time. She could barley stand up by herself but she keep on asking me to show her how to do tricks. I decided to sign her up for lessons in town, they start in July.

Baseball Time Again

One of the things that I love with living in Eagle River is there T-ball program. Corbin loves to play and is learning some great life lessons. He does get a little to serious sometimes but I guess that he gets it from my side of the family. Has you see from the pictures we are on the Colorado Rookies this year. The other night he asked if we could move to Colorado. Even though I like the state I told him when he grows up he can. I wonder next year what state he will want to move to.

Corbin's Birthday Party

So Corbin decided on having his birthday party at the Bounce House. I was actually OK with it because I had no time or energy planning and putting on a party this year. The boys seemed to have a fun time bouncing away. Instead of a gift bag I made Jedi coats. They turned out pretty good and it ended up being less expensive than if I put together a gift bag of candy and small toys together. ( who ever invented the gift bag should be shot )
You think I would be more creative with the cake since I used to work at a bakery, but this is all I had time for. It was easy and he could keep the toys after we ate it.