Friday, September 25, 2009

Corbin's Running Race

Corbin running race went awesome, I wish you all could of been there. We didn't know how he was going to act when he took off and kids started passing him. Curt and I were praying for no tears. Corbin is really growing up. He ran the whole race without crying or stopping and received a metal for completing. (.7 miles) Amazing job Corbin! Curt got a little star stuck by Sarah Palin being at the race. I told him that he should just go over there and talk to her instead of staring at her. He chickened out but got a picture.

Dog Fair

Corbin always wants to hook Baylor up to his slid so he was so excited to have a lady demo how she hooks up and runs her dog team.

You would think Aubrey would be scared of the dog, he was HUGE!

So I am a little behind on my blogs. On Saturday the 19th we decided to go to the Dog Fair. The school that Baylor goes to put on a free fair. They had face painting, balloons, all different kinds of dogs and a bunch of demos.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Fred Myers' Bakery

So I quit Fred Myers' Bakery even though I didn't know that I got my basketball coaching job. I wasn't liking the hours anymore and I learned the basics to keep it up at home. I am so glad I followed my interest, the job gave me cake decorating skills and some extra money to enjoy our first summer in Alaska. My main responsibilities were to fill the pastry case. I learned how to do everything in the case but the flower cupcakes. The flowers are harder than it looks. I will miss working there, but if I am wanting to lose weight, that isn't the place to work.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I am blessed to have a chance to coach again. When we moved to Alaska I didn't know if I wanted to be a head coach in the near future but I knew that I still wanted to be involved some how. So when Eagle River High School was hiring for a head coach I started thinking how much I missed it and would love to be part of a team. I had to get the OK from Curt, which he agreed after I told him how much I would get paid so he could go down to 40 hours a week. ( He was doing 45-50 per week, plus doing homework at night)
Overall I am really excited for a new season of teaching, experience and memories. I hear that I have a great bunch of girls that want to work hard. Go Wolves!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall in Alaska

People have been asking for some pictures of fall up here in Alaska. It wasn't the sunniest day when Curt took the pictures but it shows you how gorgeous it is.


So I knew that is race was coming up for a while but for some reason I never found time to train. I wasn't going to do it but I thought it would be good to do something with friends and show Corbin that these races are fun even though you don't have to win. ( Corbin is going to be in a 1K on the 24th) I am so glad I did it. It is amazing what your body can do if you push it. The bike part was the hardest, it had so many hills and that is when it rained pretty hard. But overall I am so glad I did it.

Copy Cat

Yesterday I woke up and found Baylor stuck. I bet he wonders why Aubrey thinks this is so fun.

Gooseberry Lake

So on Labor Day we headed into Anchorage to Gooseberry Lake with a couple other families. It turn out to be awesome weather. The kids had fun eating, swimming and playing on the playset. I just love getting out and socializing with my friends.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2

So I got a lot of comments about my email about losing weight. It is nice to know that I have a support system that can keep me on track, so keep it up.
People keep on asking me what I am doing to lose weight. Well, I am doing it the old fashion way with diet and exercise. I realize that I need to count my calories, I don't count every one, I kinda estimate. One of the Biggest Loser books says, if you are dieting, you should take your weight, times it by seven, and that is how many calories you should be eating. (for you skinny people you should not go under 1200 calories a day) My problem is portion control so I really need to look at how much I am eating. Nights are the worse for me. Last night I about dyed from not eating anything, finally I was so hungry I had a celery stick. (It is not very good without peanut butter) For exercise I just make sure I either run/jog for 3 miles or play basketball or racket ball for at least an hour. And lastly I try to do some kind of weights/bands 3 times a week. Exercise is not hard for me, it is the eating.
So who ever is with me just let me know so we can support each other. I have found if I have no one to report to than I don't do it.
I am not turning 30 over weight.

Monday, September 7, 2009


So I started running again today. I took Baylor for his first real run. I brought him out before but we only ran a mile and a half. But today I started with 2.5 miles. It was rough up the hills for me but Baylor did great until 3 blocks from our house. He looked at me and layed down. At least we felt the same but I wasn't about to lay down next to the road. A couple seconds later he got up and we finished our run. So now I know Baylors' limits and mine too.
Curt and I do a weight-in tomorrow morning. I real do not like getting on the scale but I have to know what I am working with. But I need to stay positive. Usually when I see a big number I just get depressed thinking it is just too much. But this time it is going to be different.

State Fair

I haven't seen one of these lumberjack show since I was a little girl. They had 3 guys competing in different competitions while have the crowds cheer on. Corbin said to show these pictures of the show because it was his favorite. He liked when they climb up to the top and came down really fast and he liked to hear the motors on the chainsaws. He couldn't believe how fast it cut.

Pig Races

There was a world record broken for the biggest cabbage. If you can't see by the picture it is 127 pounds. Too bad that I don't like cabbage.

We also hit the petting zoo. Aubrey doesn't look like she is having fun in this picture but she really did have a blast. She didn't want to leave her pony friend. (I know that it is a donkey but she said it was a pony, so I agreed. She loves ponies lately. )

One of my favorite things to see at the fair is 4-H projects, it brings me back to my childhood. Here are some awesome pictures of some flowers that were grown by Jr. 4-H kids that got of onlookers and prizes. I don't know what this flowers are called but they are gorgeous.

Overall we had a blast and the weather was great. I love spending time as a family and making memories.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

No more excuses

So for those that know me, I have battled with my weight since I have had kids. At times I would do so well and lose weight but I would find reasons to stop exerising, and some how found reasoning for eating so much food everyday.
Yes, I do have to say that I have a many things that I have had to deal with since I have had kids. Between always having to have a part-time job so we could make ends meat or if I was just too tried from trying to be the best mother I could be, or what about my first year being a head basketball coach, that season I gain 25 pounds.
One of my friends up here in Alaska that has lost over 100 pounds said once that she was sick of making excuses.
Making excuses.........think about it......that is all I did over the years. Just because things happened in my life (which compared to others, our family has been very blessed) it doesn't mean I can be a lazy eating machine.
So I turn 30 this year. My friend from my mission started a blog about becoming 30 and is going to go on 30 first dates. When I looked over her blog I realized how different our lives are right now but how similar it was too. We both are reaching this big number and looking at our lives and wondering how we are doing.
So far I am loving my life. I have a wonderful spouse that I will be able to see more often after he graduates in December. I know that he is the perfect man for me. He lets me win fights even though he knows that I am wrong, he puts up with my controlling nature, he is a wonderful father, and we can still talk for hours. My kids are what I get out of bed for. And even though Corbin is freaking out about something small right now, and Aubrey has to wear and dress everyday, I still love being their mom.
But even with all the blessing I have I know that I can be even happier if I was healthier. I would have more energy, I would fit into my pre-mother clothes that I carry around, I would be a better example to my kids, better sex life, (sorry that I had to write that, it is so true) and more confident in all that I do.
So who ever is with me, I have a plan and I need your help. I am setting goals to lose 6 pounds a month. I think that is reasonable. I know what to do, I just need to do it and I need people to check up with me. If I have a support team to see how it is going than I will feel more responsible to be doing good. And even if I lose all my weight I need friends and family to ask me how I am doing with my weight. I figure this isn't something that I will just battle with now until I lose the weight I need to lose, I will have to battle for the rest of my life. So email me, call me, or write comments on the blog and check up with me. I will post on the blog how I am doing for all those that care.
No more excuses!

Blueberry Pickin

So I have wanted to go pick berries since we moved here. Curt would never let me go because he thinks we are going to make the bears even more mad by taking there food. But one of my friends asked me to go to her parents house up on the mountain to pick berries. So it was my friend Carolyn, her son Caden, and there dog Raisen, my friend Jodi, and here dog Poohla, Aubrey and I, and of course our dog Baylor.
I didn't know that the hike was going to be so straight up but Aubrey did so well. She didn't complain one time that she was tried. The only complaint that I heard from her is branches would hit her in the face sometimes. She was the prefect height to get hit.
This was the view from the top. The picture doesn't even show how great the view was. This is one reason I love living in Alaska.
Overall I got about 4 cups of awesome blue berries. My friend Jodi stop by and left some of her Mississippi Bunt Cake. I don't have a Bunt pan but it was so good that I might try to make it in something else.