Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fishing with the Kids

I took the kids fishing at Beach Lake while Terra was working on Saturday. Corbin caught a monster trout as seen in the image below. He did not want to put it back in the lake. Aubrey had a blast, she spent much of the time getting her feet wet and reeling her line in at 100 mph. plus throwing rocks into the lake. Beach lake is 10 minutes from our house.

There were bears in the area. We saw several signs posted like this one below. We actually never saw any bears.

On the way to Beach Lake we saw and family of Porcupines.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Catcher

So it was Corbin's last T-ball game and he finally got to play catcher. The pads are so big that they were falling of. But I am glad that he was wearing them because a ball hit him in the head. He had so much fun. Smiling and laughing the whole time.

Pudding Pops

So I got a recipe for oreo pudding pops. Corbin helped me make them and loved eating them. He loves everything with oreo! One package of pudding mix
1/3 milk
1/3 whip cream
6 crushed oreos ( well I put in 10, but we really love oreos)

Stir ingredients and place in small paper cups. Freeze for 5 hours.

Learning to Ride

So Corbin wants to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels. Everyone that he plays with know how to ride. And he says, " 5 years olds need to learn how to ride without training wheels." So we are working on it. We started by letting him go down a grassy hill so when he falls it doesn't hurt. But now he can go on the sidewalk for a little bit by himself but he freaks out and puts his feet down. Hopefully he knows by the end of the summer.

Aubrey is cheering Corbin on at the park.

French Bread

So one of my friends had me over, along with some other friends to learn how bake french bread. She recipe calls for all white flour, I am trying to cook with more wheat though, but it tasted so good. Curt is going to love it. I learn how to do sub sandwich bread and how to weave dough. So good!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday Adventures

So I didn't have to work all weekend so we decided to go to Girdwood. I have wanted to go up there for awhile but it was finding the time and people kept on saying it still was pretty wet from the snow and runoff.
There is a famous hike called Winner Creek that starts from a hotel, as you can see a really nice hotel. There was a tram that went up to a restaurant and hiking trails. Than we went over to the community park. The picture only shows half the park, it was huge.Than the kids had to go to the beach to make sandcastles. It isn't much of a beach, but it did the job.
Curt saw someone that had a fish on his line. He said it was a huge fish. The poor guy was trying to get it in for a long time, we stayed and watch for a bit but he looked like he was going to pass out. We finally had to leave. Curt talked about it all the way home. He really needs to go fishing soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just thought you would enjoy this clip of Aubrey getting dirty and picking flowers.

A Dog?

So we are thinking about getting a dog. I would love to get one so Curt will feel more comfortable to go hiking and camping. But I think there is a lot of negatives about having a dog. Up here where you can't keep him outside all day because of the weather. And than you have the smell of a dog in the house. But we are thinking about this dog named Utah. ( Crazy that his name is Utah) He is a great dog. He was good with the kids and is totally potty trained. Oh, and Aubrey loves him to death. But we are still thinking about it.

Keeping Busy

So the ward keeps us busy. Tuesday we have hiking, Wednesday is park days, and Thursday we have quilting. The hikes are pretty easy but I do take my stroller for Aubrey and any other kid that gets too tired. Park days is nice, I can socialize with other ladies in the ward. But I have to keep a good eye on Aubrey because she is known to wonder with her friends. And quilting is going ok. I have a hard time not being good at something, I tend to get bored easy. But it is a group project where you do a square for each person. We are doing a house quilt. Everyone picks a house and does it 16 times so at the end you can put together a nice quilt. We will see how my house comes out.

This is at the top of our hike. This picture kinda over looks our town and the inlet of the ocean.

Aurbey loves to pick flowers. But she doesn't understand the difference between dandelions and peoples tulips. We went to a garage sale and Aubrey picked one of these lady's gorgeous purple tulips. So Aubrey is now learning all about flowers now. I have to keep on eye on her. Here is Aubrey picking a flower at the park. There are some great wild flowers around here.