Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Dog?

So we are thinking about getting a dog. I would love to get one so Curt will feel more comfortable to go hiking and camping. But I think there is a lot of negatives about having a dog. Up here where you can't keep him outside all day because of the weather. And than you have the smell of a dog in the house. But we are thinking about this dog named Utah. ( Crazy that his name is Utah) He is a great dog. He was good with the kids and is totally potty trained. Oh, and Aubrey loves him to death. But we are still thinking about it.


Alexis said...

I love Aubrey's outfit in the background..ALL GIRL! :)

Anna said...

Wow! He is a pretty dog! Thank you SOOOOOO much for the cute package. I got it a couple of days ago and have meant to call you and I am sorry I havent yet. Thins have been crazy! I am actually going to call you right now!