Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keeping Busy

So the ward keeps us busy. Tuesday we have hiking, Wednesday is park days, and Thursday we have quilting. The hikes are pretty easy but I do take my stroller for Aubrey and any other kid that gets too tired. Park days is nice, I can socialize with other ladies in the ward. But I have to keep a good eye on Aubrey because she is known to wonder with her friends. And quilting is going ok. I have a hard time not being good at something, I tend to get bored easy. But it is a group project where you do a square for each person. We are doing a house quilt. Everyone picks a house and does it 16 times so at the end you can put together a nice quilt. We will see how my house comes out.

This is at the top of our hike. This picture kinda over looks our town and the inlet of the ocean.

Aurbey loves to pick flowers. But she doesn't understand the difference between dandelions and peoples tulips. We went to a garage sale and Aubrey picked one of these lady's gorgeous purple tulips. So Aubrey is now learning all about flowers now. I have to keep on eye on her. Here is Aubrey picking a flower at the park. There are some great wild flowers around here.

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