Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear Paw Weekend

So we had an eventful weekend full of candy, rides, food, and friends. We hit the parade that went through town. The diving for candy........and because we sat at the end of the parade they dumped the candy out for the kids.
We than went to the park where there was a massive amount of people all trying to get on rides that cost way too much money. We told the kids that they could pick two rides and one game. Corbin won penguins for the girls in a fishing game.

We were with our good friends the Petersons. Aubrey and her friend wanted to go on the ferris wheel.
We went to a car show, Corbin loves cars just as much as Curt. Look at his face! But the problem is that he get excited about corvettes and not so much when he see mustangs. He is not a Ford man like the rest of the Binghams.

Dad's old car........he misses it.
And I ran the 5K with my great running partners. I actually made my goal this time. I even got 14th place in my age group, one good thing for turning 30 I go up an age group. Just think if I could get this weight off. I am coming for you papa....(inside joke)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pretty Pink Ice Skater

So ever since Aubrey watched Barbie ice skating in one of those barbie movies, she has wanted to ice skate. I bought some ice skates from a garage sale and I figure she can learn the basics in class than me and her could practice down at the out door rink by the elementary school in the winter. She is doing pretty good and loves it when we go.

Nana and Papa

My parents came up to visit us again this summer. I think is was the most adventurist week and a half. We saw and did so much. I want to thank them for coming up and spending some time with us. We made some good memories and had so much fun.

Yes, I did it!

So I decided to do a 1/2 marathon a couple of months ago. It was my friends that kept me on my training. Jessie and Lindsey, my two training buddies, and I ran at night. (Good thing for all the light at night here in Alaska. ) There were many 11:00 pm runs where we were watching out for bears. But it was all worth it. I did make a goal of getting under 2 hours but I didn't know how hilly the course was going to be. I came in at 2:09 so I was still pretty happy with it.

When I was on vacation my friends made our running shirts. You probably can't read it, maybe that is a good thing......Thanks girls!

Biking around Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake is only 15 minutes away, but have only been there once. So I took my activity family out to bike around the Lake. Baylor got to come too, I think that this dog could run forever.

Alaskan Coastal Service

We went down to Homer for the men to go fishing in the ocean. My mom always finds the coolest places to go. Through the Alaskan Coastal Service we boated out across the bay, we saw eagles, seagulls, and Aubrey's favorite bird called the puffin.

We stayed at the place on the right. We had guided hikes where they taught us all about plants, flowers, bugs, and animals. Corbin even remembers the names of all the types of ferns and always points out devils club. Than they took us to the tide pools to find all sorts of sea life. We had so much fun while we learned so much. I would of learned so much more if school was this hands on.

The Men Fishing

Can we say FISHING! Isn't this just one ugly fish, but great tasting.I never knew my dad and Curt could be so happy. The weather wasn't great, but I think they really enjoyed themselves.