Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, I did it!

So I decided to do a 1/2 marathon a couple of months ago. It was my friends that kept me on my training. Jessie and Lindsey, my two training buddies, and I ran at night. (Good thing for all the light at night here in Alaska. ) There were many 11:00 pm runs where we were watching out for bears. But it was all worth it. I did make a goal of getting under 2 hours but I didn't know how hilly the course was going to be. I came in at 2:09 so I was still pretty happy with it.

When I was on vacation my friends made our running shirts. You probably can't read it, maybe that is a good thing......Thanks girls!


Alexis said...

love the shirt! haha! and I've been meaning to call you (free time is just a little limited these days :) because I got your card in the mail. You are too sweet!!!! thanks!!

Jayci said...

haha - that is awesome. And so is your TIME!!! Great job, Terra!

Anna said...

I just saw this post... the day I finished MY half-marathon. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!And I love the shirts. You will have to wait and see what my shirt look like. ha ha!