Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear Paw Weekend

So we had an eventful weekend full of candy, rides, food, and friends. We hit the parade that went through town. The diving for candy........and because we sat at the end of the parade they dumped the candy out for the kids.
We than went to the park where there was a massive amount of people all trying to get on rides that cost way too much money. We told the kids that they could pick two rides and one game. Corbin won penguins for the girls in a fishing game.

We were with our good friends the Petersons. Aubrey and her friend wanted to go on the ferris wheel.
We went to a car show, Corbin loves cars just as much as Curt. Look at his face! But the problem is that he get excited about corvettes and not so much when he see mustangs. He is not a Ford man like the rest of the Binghams.

Dad's old car........he misses it.
And I ran the 5K with my great running partners. I actually made my goal this time. I even got 14th place in my age group, one good thing for turning 30 I go up an age group. Just think if I could get this weight off. I am coming for you papa....(inside joke)

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Alexis said...

you look so skinny! I need to get motivated to exersize, how do you do it?!