Monday, December 21, 2009

Meeting Santa

I just love this Santa, and the back drop of the stage makes it even more emotional. Curt's friend Aaron invited him to go on base to see Santa. The kids have a blast and being on base they got a great experience. They had a bunch of food and all the kids got new toys and books. When the kids came home they were so excited to tell me every detail about the night.

Corbin's Winter Performance

Corbin had a Christmas performance, well to be correct, a holiday performance. I wish you all could of been there because it was so cute. Corbin said he had a fun time but he didn't smile the whole way through. He is growing up so quick, I was very surprised that he knew all the words to eight holiday songs. The school does a wonderful job with there choir and band, which is good because Curt and I are not the most talented in that department.

Winter Wonderland

We got a whole bunch of snow last week, it snowed about 5 inches a day for 3 days. There was a time that I went to the store and I couldn't tell where the road began and ended. But I love how it looks on the trees and the mountains.

If you can't tell from the picture, yes gas is $3.29. So, no complaining in the lower 48 states. Our House

This is the view going out of our circle. This mountain is what covers the sun most of the year. It is weird, you can't tell what direction you are going by the sun. This picture was taken at about 2:00 pm and I am facing South. If you can tell, the sun already setting in the southwest. The snow plow came by and built a big hill in the center of our circle. Corbin and Aubrey love to play outside.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Turkey Shoot Out

What is a Seawolf? I guess this is a seawolf, if anybody cares. Aubrey loves hanging out with the mascot. But Corbin on the other hand has always been a little scared for some reason.

One of my player's parents gave us tickets for the Alaskan Shoot Out. If you don't know what it is, it is a basketball tournament up here that bring in some pretty good teams. We attended the girls championship game and got second row, center court tickets. I didn't know how long the kids would last, but they did great with some help from McDonald's happy meal toys. Also Aubrey got her introduction to Cheerleaders. She loved watching them and especially loved there big hair bows. She is such a girlie girl.
The game was great, it came down to a last buzzer shot with UAA (university of Alaska, Anchorage) winning.

So Aubrey has been watching ice skating lately. I came out of the shower one day and found Aubrey trying to skate on Corbin's cars. I think she is hinting something to us.

Curtis think this is so funny. Every night Aubrey can't go to bed until she has all of her "friends". A seal, a bear, Jessie, and Pinky Pie (which she needs to lay her head on). If we can't find one of her friends, it is the end of the world to Aubrey.