Friday, December 11, 2009

Turkey Shoot Out

What is a Seawolf? I guess this is a seawolf, if anybody cares. Aubrey loves hanging out with the mascot. But Corbin on the other hand has always been a little scared for some reason.

One of my player's parents gave us tickets for the Alaskan Shoot Out. If you don't know what it is, it is a basketball tournament up here that bring in some pretty good teams. We attended the girls championship game and got second row, center court tickets. I didn't know how long the kids would last, but they did great with some help from McDonald's happy meal toys. Also Aubrey got her introduction to Cheerleaders. She loved watching them and especially loved there big hair bows. She is such a girlie girl.
The game was great, it came down to a last buzzer shot with UAA (university of Alaska, Anchorage) winning.

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Gary and Jenessa said...

Oh my heck we miss you guys! I can't wait for the end of March!!! I love the picture of Aubrey trying to ice skate!!! so cute! MISS YOU!!!