Sunday, September 6, 2009

No more excuses

So for those that know me, I have battled with my weight since I have had kids. At times I would do so well and lose weight but I would find reasons to stop exerising, and some how found reasoning for eating so much food everyday.
Yes, I do have to say that I have a many things that I have had to deal with since I have had kids. Between always having to have a part-time job so we could make ends meat or if I was just too tried from trying to be the best mother I could be, or what about my first year being a head basketball coach, that season I gain 25 pounds.
One of my friends up here in Alaska that has lost over 100 pounds said once that she was sick of making excuses.
Making excuses.........think about it......that is all I did over the years. Just because things happened in my life (which compared to others, our family has been very blessed) it doesn't mean I can be a lazy eating machine.
So I turn 30 this year. My friend from my mission started a blog about becoming 30 and is going to go on 30 first dates. When I looked over her blog I realized how different our lives are right now but how similar it was too. We both are reaching this big number and looking at our lives and wondering how we are doing.
So far I am loving my life. I have a wonderful spouse that I will be able to see more often after he graduates in December. I know that he is the perfect man for me. He lets me win fights even though he knows that I am wrong, he puts up with my controlling nature, he is a wonderful father, and we can still talk for hours. My kids are what I get out of bed for. And even though Corbin is freaking out about something small right now, and Aubrey has to wear and dress everyday, I still love being their mom.
But even with all the blessing I have I know that I can be even happier if I was healthier. I would have more energy, I would fit into my pre-mother clothes that I carry around, I would be a better example to my kids, better sex life, (sorry that I had to write that, it is so true) and more confident in all that I do.
So who ever is with me, I have a plan and I need your help. I am setting goals to lose 6 pounds a month. I think that is reasonable. I know what to do, I just need to do it and I need people to check up with me. If I have a support team to see how it is going than I will feel more responsible to be doing good. And even if I lose all my weight I need friends and family to ask me how I am doing with my weight. I figure this isn't something that I will just battle with now until I lose the weight I need to lose, I will have to battle for the rest of my life. So email me, call me, or write comments on the blog and check up with me. I will post on the blog how I am doing for all those that care.
No more excuses!


Alexis said...

whats your email again? I HEAR you on this one! I so need to lose the weight and I just bought healthy food this last week and somehow I keep putting it off another day and after reading blog I realize I need to stop making excuses too! :(

Anna said...

You go girl!!! I am so with you! I would love to lose 6 pounds a month. what are you going to do?

Adventures in Petersonland said...

i hear ya with the sex life...its not FUN when you feel so unattractive and unhappy with your body. i hate it at the moment!
i think you look GREAT, but i understand how frustrating it can be when you aren't where you want to be. once i have this baby, i plan to start running again (im SLOW so don't worry!) so we should get together. i know it will be tough when the winter hits, so maybe we can hit the high school track or the gym on base. its always nice to have a work out buddy as you feel accountable to show up!
i think you're fabulous and am happy to know you.