Monday, September 7, 2009

State Fair

I haven't seen one of these lumberjack show since I was a little girl. They had 3 guys competing in different competitions while have the crowds cheer on. Corbin said to show these pictures of the show because it was his favorite. He liked when they climb up to the top and came down really fast and he liked to hear the motors on the chainsaws. He couldn't believe how fast it cut.

Pig Races

There was a world record broken for the biggest cabbage. If you can't see by the picture it is 127 pounds. Too bad that I don't like cabbage.

We also hit the petting zoo. Aubrey doesn't look like she is having fun in this picture but she really did have a blast. She didn't want to leave her pony friend. (I know that it is a donkey but she said it was a pony, so I agreed. She loves ponies lately. )

One of my favorite things to see at the fair is 4-H projects, it brings me back to my childhood. Here are some awesome pictures of some flowers that were grown by Jr. 4-H kids that got of onlookers and prizes. I don't know what this flowers are called but they are gorgeous.

Overall we had a blast and the weather was great. I love spending time as a family and making memories.

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