Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blueberry Pickin

So I have wanted to go pick berries since we moved here. Curt would never let me go because he thinks we are going to make the bears even more mad by taking there food. But one of my friends asked me to go to her parents house up on the mountain to pick berries. So it was my friend Carolyn, her son Caden, and there dog Raisen, my friend Jodi, and here dog Poohla, Aubrey and I, and of course our dog Baylor.
I didn't know that the hike was going to be so straight up but Aubrey did so well. She didn't complain one time that she was tried. The only complaint that I heard from her is branches would hit her in the face sometimes. She was the prefect height to get hit.
This was the view from the top. The picture doesn't even show how great the view was. This is one reason I love living in Alaska.
Overall I got about 4 cups of awesome blue berries. My friend Jodi stop by and left some of her Mississippi Bunt Cake. I don't have a Bunt pan but it was so good that I might try to make it in something else.

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Carolyn Townsend said...

Hey thanks for coming! It isn't very fun to drag the kids up there on my own. Aubrey did great, it was a big hike for a three year old.
Your company was appreciated.