Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The earthquake

So we got to feel an earthquake yesterday. I was upstairs folding the clothes while the kids were down stairs having a snack. All of a sudden I fell shacking and I look over to the TV and it was shaking like crazy. I ran down stairs to get the kids but it was over before I even left my room. The kids weren't scared, they just gave me a face like "what is going on". Corbin thinks it was cool and talks about it all the time. Curt was at work and because he works on the 4th floor he felt more of the shaking afterwards.
The news says that it recorded at 4.7. Which I think is a pretty good one. When we decided to move to Alaska I didn't even think about earthquakes, I don't know why, we live by mountains and volcanoes. But for all you people that read my blog, we are OK, a little shook, but OK. Ha! Ha!

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