Monday, February 15, 2010


This is the reason that I haven't blogged in a long time. The season is going good and the girls are improving every game. There is two weeks left but we have 7 games, it will be crazy.
These are Aubrey's winter shoes, they are driving Curt crazy. Everyday I wonder how she is so girly. She loves cheerleader, dress ups, and makeup.

This is her makeup...........
Corbin has been getting into science lately. Nana sent him a book with all different kinds of experiments. Corbin decided on a moon experiment for the science fair that is in March. I thought this one was the best. If you color a brown line on a piece of chalk and put it in some water, the line will go up to the top and change colors.

Curt did this one with them, good thing because he looked like he got a mess.

This is why I guess they call our town Eagle River. We saw 12 Eagles just hanging out in the trees the other day about 1/2 mile away from our house.

Baylor got neutered.......Curt felt so bad for him.

So I bought Curt a punching bag for Christmas, I think Corbin was more excited than Curt was to get it up and start punching it.

Curt taught Corbin to breath out when he punches.

An update about our diets. We are doing pretty well. We both realized that we can only lose about 3 pounds a month, so much slower than I would like, but at least we are still losing. Since September Curt has lost 25 pounds and because I am a girl, I have lost 20. (Well, 30 pounds since I have moved to Alaska) We both still need to lose another 15 pounds. It has been nice being able to do it together.


Anna said...

I love that picture of Aubrey with her red shoes. SO GREAT! Way to go on your diets. We are proud of you guys. And we cant wait for you guys to visit. It is SOOO soon!

Alexis said...

Mason and Aubrey would be best buds..she's been wearing pink shoes like that nonstop. I'm glad you updated and i'm jealous you guys are losing so much weight!