Thursday, November 4, 2010


My sister and her family just moved to Atlanta so we decided to make it a family reunion there last week. It was so much fun and to see everyone together, and making more memories. And because we are all part of the Anderson Family, it wouldn't be a reunion without every minute planned out.
The first full day we went to an amusment park. My brother made this orange shirts with a great saying on the back.
A foreign expression of jubilation at the beginning of a journey,
usually due to long waits in un-airconditioned cars.....
not knowing if mother or Christmas was coming first.
Synonym: Yaaaaaahoooooo.......

A before picture -----

And after picture ----

They had so much fun stuff for the kids to experience.

This place you went and collected balls and ran up stairs and shot them at people. My dad was having too much fun hitting people.
That night they had a laser show where my smart sister brought wands for the girls and swords for the boys. Curt took that great picture!
We went to Turner Park where the Braves play. It was too bad that they lost in the playoffs because it would of been really cool to see them in action. Corbin got so sick this day, but he couldn't miss out.
Corbin asked me what the sign said that the cow was wearing. I told him that it said "Eat more chicken." It took him a moment but he thought it was so funny and kept telling everyone and explaining that cows are hamburgers so that is why the cow is telling everyone to eat more chicken because he doesn't want to get eaten.
And of course a trip to Atlanta wouldn't be complete if we didn't go to the aquarium. They say this is the biggest in the world.
Aubrey's favorite part was touching the sting rays and baby sharks. My arms got a great workout from holding her up.
We went boating one day and stopped to get some southern food from a great restaurant. It started getting dark on the way home, but luckily we had my dad and that they lighten the harbor really well.
My brother always gets the most expensive thing on the menu.
My favorite day was when we went to an apple orchard. They gave us a ride out to there trees and we got to learn about the different apples and pick our own. The apples there were amazing! Than they gave us a tour of the factory.
We did so much more....swim in the pool, go on a hay ride, went on hikes, had a talent show, a birthday party, went to OK Cafe and got free dinner, went shopping, got our hair done, went to Time Out for Women, looked at old houses, exercised, went to a pumpkin patch and played. These are just some of my favorite pictures.
My brother's kids didn't want to hike anymore.......

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Gary and Jenessa said...

Oh we miss you guys so much! I can't believe how big Corbs and Aubs are getting! Love you guys!