Sunday, May 3, 2009

Corbin is an Astro

Because of the Wii, Corbin has took an interest in baseball. I signed him up for T-ball and he was put on the Astro's. I was surprised how big of a deal it is here. It is part of the National Little League so the teams and logos are from the main premier league.

The first time Corbin hit the ball he got so excited he brought the bat with him to first base. The second time he ran the wrong way, straight to third base. It was really funny.

Corbin thinks every ball that comes out to the field is his ball. He is the kid that runs to every ball even though it is on the opposite side of the field. He has games every Tuesdays and Thursdays, and than a practice on Saturdays. Baseball is going to fill our life for the summer. Corbin is either going to be playing or he is going to be talking about baseball.


Anna said...

That is so awesome. I wish Brooks could play t-ball here. He has to wait one more year. Corbin looks really cute in his little uniform!

Gary and Jenessa said...

How stinking cute!!! Ha ha I wish we could come watch his games! GO CORBIN!!!

J and J Bowen said...

Look like it's finally warming up!! hooray. Baseball is one of the great part of summer. and you already have a funny story to tell about corbin first game...pretty veiws, I think we have the same double stroller. Hope you guys are doing good call me anytime it's nice to talk to grown ups about anything!!!