Thursday, May 14, 2009


So it is still getting lighter and lighter out. It doesn't get dark until 12:00 and the sun comes up again at 5:00. I decided to make curtains for the kids. The ladies at quilting club (some ladies in the Ward) helped me. Now I feel bad ditching them now that my curtains are done so I am starting a quilt with them. So the curtains turned out about the same price as if I bought some, but I got to pick what I wanted and I can say that I made something. If you can't see from the picture, Corbin's have planets on the bottom and Aubrey's has ballet shoes and crowns.


Anna said...

Wow Terra! Those look great! You are turning into a little Martha!

Gary and Jenessa said...

Wow Terra! I'm impressed! I absolutely cannot sew! But those look so good! You did awesome. You'll have to post your quilt when it's done! Love you guys and still missing you!

J and J Bowen said...

They look great! and square which is always an issue with me. good work enjoy the whethter I'm sure it doesn't last too long you'll have all winter to blog.