Monday, August 31, 2009

Carter Park

So we went out to Carter Park, that is in Wasilla. It is on the lake that Sarah Paylin lives on. Baylor loves coming out with us to new places. The kids wanted to swim, I let them even though it was in the high 60' s.

In Alaska, they leave life jackets out by any water with a sign that says "kids don't float". I think Corbin and Aubrey wanted to swim because they knew I would make them wear one.
Baylor had such a great day, he crashed when we got home. I wish my kids still did that.

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Adventures in Petersonland said...

CUTE layout on your page! you will have to help me with mine. love the picture of corbin and aubrey.
that lake looks awesome! we will definitely have to check it out before it gets too cold...which i am NOT looking forward to.
and your dog baylor?! I WANT HIM! what a gorgeous puppy! let us know if you ever need a dog sitter....