Monday, August 3, 2009

My parents left........ We are so glad they came and sorry to see them go. I think I could of got my dad to move up here if the fishing was better. They had great fishing the first weekend but got skunked the next weekend. We had so much fun. We did so much, we were on the go the whole too weeks. My kids and I got totally spoiled and loved every minute.
Combat fishing...... it really isn't that fun. I felt like I was going to hook the person next to me, not the fish. Too bad the fishing wasn't better than it was. We saw two baby bears when we went fishing. But they took off when people just yelled at them to leave. They are lucky the mommy bear wasn't around. Papa, Curt and Corbin went to a baseball game. They met the owner so they got the star treatment. Peggy, I thought you would love to see our big flowers that we have here, you should come and see them.This is the Yurt that we stayed at in Seward. It was really cool inside, full kitchen, bathroom and fit all 6 of us.

We took some of our fish that we caught to grill that night. Curt is an amazing cook with that fish. It is good because we have a lot of it. And of course smores!
My dad took the kids bowling when my mom and I were at the temple. Corbin has been looking forward to Papa taking him for weeks now. It might not look like he is having fun, but he said it was one of his favorite things he did when nana and papa came.
He told me that he kept on getting splits and that it is a lot harder than playing it on the Wii. Just thought I would add this picture in. I am suppose to say that it is the fish that Corbin caught.

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