Sunday, August 29, 2010


For all of you that don't know we bought the townhouse that we have been renting. We learned the long process of how to buy a home. During the process all I wanted to do is start making it mine, by painting and new carpet, but until it was final we couldn't get started. I tried to keep myself busy on other projects that I could do.

Door hanger for my grandma that I quilted.

I recovered our pillows:

I painted the table white and recovered the seats:

Of course I put plastic on it. One of the pleasures of having kids.

Curt and I modge podge the picture of the temple.

Also the seller picked up the tab on some of the things that they needed to fix in the home. One of the main things was the sliding door and deck.

This is a before picture:

And after:I am actually excited by our townhouse. I can finally do what I want to our house. We aren't making too many changes but it will make me very busy this winter.


Anna said...


Alexis said...

Happy for you guys that you bought a house but sad because that means you probably aren't coming back for awhile :( ... LOVE all the crafts, which again makes me sad we can't craft together :)

Pierce Family said...

That is so awesome! I totally remember helping you cut out that witch! Ha ha! So excited for you to be able to make your house your own. Let me know when you want to paint!! :)

Jayci said...

I love the new deck, along with EVERYTHING else - the pillows and table turned out so nice - and those eyes on the witch is spectacular! :D

I love house projects (as you know), so keep these pictures coming!!

Gary and Jenessa said...

Wow! That is all awesome! Congrats on the house and cheaper too! I'm so excited for you guys! Even though we miss you like crazy! YOu are such a talented sewer as well! I wish so bad I could sew a straight line. I need a sister in law to move back to teach me :)