Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Craft Projects

Ever since I moved to Alaska I have grown to love doing crafts. With the help of my new friends and a sewing machine that I borrowed from the church I made these bunny bags for friends in Utah. (Sorry I don't have a better picture) To give to all my friends, I had to make 11 of them. They turned out so cute, I hope they liked them. Next, I made the senior sashes in one day with my friend Jodi. They turned out better than I could even imagine. I only had to make 3 this year, but I have more than 8 for next year. I better start now.
MY FIRST QUILT!!! This thing took me about 6 months. I made it for Aubrey, for her first big bed. (twin) I don't know if you can tell by the picture but it is a house quilt. It has all different kinds of houses, dog house, bird house, tree house, out house, ect. Our quilt group did this together, all of the women did one house 16 times and we traded. Mine was the fish house. We are doing another quilt with shoes, I picked rain boots, but I am so slow, I bet I won't be done until Christmas. I had no idea how hard and time consuming they are, but I found it enjoyable, kinda like doing art.


Alexis said...

I dont know if you got my texts or not but the girls LOVED their bags. Thanks again! and we already miss you guys!

Lori said...

Oh Terra. You make me so proud! :)