Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trip to Utah

So as most of you know, we took our trip to Utah. When we arrived there was no snow and sunny days, but I think we brought the bad weather. By the end of the week we saw snow and felt the wind. But that didn't get us down, we still did all we could to get out and have a fun time.

Grandpa spent some good quality time building a rocket with Corbin. You should of seen Corbin's face as it went off, pure enjoyment.

We wanted to see everyone and eat at all the places we don't have up in Alaska, so we put the two together. We met friends and family the Olive Garden where we could take in the breadsticks and catch up with the latest news.
Corbin and Brooks talked and talked all night. It was like we never left. Corbin ate 15 breadsticks. (not really, inside joke)

While Curt went fishing I took our kids to one of our favorite spots, Wheeler Farm. We used to go here all the time because we love to walk around and see the animals, and because it was free.

One day we decided to take the Front Runner, the train, down to Salt Lake to take in Temple Sqaure and the Planetarium. We ate at the Lion House and got there amazing rolls. I don't even want to know how much butter they put in them, they just taste so good. At the Planetarium we watched a 3D movie on the Hubble Telescope. Again Corbin was in awe. But with all the fun stuff we did that day, Aubrey said that riding the train was the best part.

And we couldn't leave Utah without spending some more time at Anna and Jake's house. As you see from the picture Aubrey didn't want to leave.

We also took in the Tree House Museum in Ogden. Corbin ran off with his friend Cohen so we don't have any pictures of them but Aubrey loved every minute, especially the pony section.

We ran in to President Obama at the Oval Office. Grandpa is going to be mad that Grandma is smiling in his presence.

And even though we are on vacation, we still dyed Easter eggs. Brian had us over at his house so we could all partake in dying about 40 eggs. I think Curt had just as much fun as the kids. We didn't get a picture of his eggs, but you can just imagine how his turned out.
The Easter Bunny came to Grandma and Grandpa house. Some how he knew we were going to be there.

I think we discovered Corbin's new talent of playing the piano. Grandma taught him a couple things, we hope to maybe buy a keyboard for his birthday.

We had a blast, and as you can see we were very busy. We want to thank everyone that stopped there life to hang out with us. We also met new family and friends.

Nippy- Alisha's new dog

Megan Bingham - Jase's new wife
Piper Van Wagner
Paula- Brian's new girlfriend

Ryann Bingham - Jake and Anna's new baby girl


Anna said...

it was so fun to spend time with you guys. We miss you so much and love all. We will be counting down for your next visit! Love the pictures!

Jenica W said...

It was so fun to see you guys. Ellie asked if she could go and play at Aubrey's house and so I had tried to explain where you live and that it was far away.

Gary and Jenessa said...

Oh we miss you guys so much already! That week was so much fun! Can't wait until the next time! Love you guys!