Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fierce Flooding

So as most of you guys heard by now the Red River that splits North Dakota and Minnesota is flooding. This is where I grew up and most of my family is living. My parents house isn't close enough by the river to get flooded but my sister's gorgeous house is. At first they thought they wouldn't get hit, that just the upper river would. But as of now they are evacuating everyone in the neighborhood. My sister says it looks like a war zone with all the Army Jeeps around but she did say that she loved seeing everyone in the town coming together. The college kids, member of different churches, and neighbors are sand bagging. A lot of people will have to leave there home and find shelter somewhere else. And in the flood of 97 many people lost there homes. I remember seeing homes that had water up to there upper windows. They say that this flood is worst than the flood in 97. My brother in-law is the bishop there, and has I heard, is very busy. Please keep these people in your prayers. I love in the time of need that people come together to overcome.

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