Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Made It!

This is all that we could take.

We drove up to Seattle, it took us 16 hours. Mapquest told us it was only going to take 12 hours but with the trailer on the back of our car, it took 4 extra hours. It was a long 16 hours....But we made it. We left our car and trailer in Seattle to get barged on a boat and we flew up to Anchorage. Curt got us a place to live. Well, I found it online. It is a townhouse in a great area with one of the best elementary schools in Alaska. We still don't have our stuff though, so we are staying with the Bishop and his family. They have been so nice to us. I don't know what we would have done without them.
I really do like it here. I will like it more when I can completely move in and get settled. I already made one really good girl friend. Our kids are the same age and we have been over a couple times. I really think a found a "Lori" here in Alaska. Not that anyone could replace her. Even though I can see myself really liking this place I will miss Utah for the relationships with family and friends.
I promise to keep my blog update often. Now that I have more time, I want to do it more. Everyone, please keep in touch.


Anna said...

I am glad that you are alive and well...I started to get worried! Keep me updated!

Alexis said...

you really are going to have to update a million times a day like me so we're not out of the loop! I'll have to email you! :)

Gary and Jenessa said...

HEY! You have a new blog and I totally didn't even know it! I found it off Jake and Anna's I kept wondering why you never posted, but silly me you have tons of new posts and I've been missing all of them! We miss you guys so much!

J and J Bowen said...

Glad to here you made it and that your already found a friend !!! congrats things are looking up! any moving tips for us we are going from a four bed house to a 2 bedroom Apt! ha it should be interesting.good luck getting settled take care love the Bowens!!!