Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is really not that cold.

So the two main questions that people usually ask is "how cold is it up there?" and "is it really dark there?" So, the answer every ones questions is that it isn't that cold. It has been in the 30's all week. Though, the first week when we were here it was in the teens. One morning Curt was waiting for his bus that was late and the thermometer said 5 degrees. But the kids actually like going out side in the cold. I have just learned that you need to make sure they are dressed right and you can still do almost all the things that you can do in the summer. Kids ride there bikes, ride there four wheelers, go to the park and play on the playground. It is kinda a pain to dress them but it is well worth it. And about the darkness, it is about the same as Utah right now. But we actually gain 6 minutes of light each day. So it is getting lighter and lighter. People tell us that in the summer it will be light out at midnight. I need to still invest in some good curtains.


Alexis said...

It still is so wierd that you guys are living in Alaska! I'm so glad you guys are already having fun!

Anna said...

it was good to talk to you today. I am glad that you all are doing well and hanging in there. Keep me updated with the blog . We love you guys!

Gary and Jenessa said...

OH I MISS YOU! Looking at this post just made me cry! :) I'm gonna call ya thursday! I wanna hear how you are all doing! I just cannot believe you are in Alaska! Your place looks so nice! I love the track lighting in the kitchen. WE love you guys so much! missing you much!