Saturday, March 14, 2009

Settling in.

So to update everyone, we are doing great! We are finally settling into our new place. We didn't bring too much with us so I had to some shopping to make the house somewhat livable. I just have to say, I don't know what I would of done without Craiglist. It is an amazing website for us to find some cheap stuff.

So I got to go see Curt's office the other day. It is a bigger firm than he has experienced in the past. About 35 employees. It has great benefits and best of all they are really busy which makes us feel confidence that he won't lose his job. I still don't completely understand why Alaska is doing so good at a time where our economy is doing so bad, but whatever it is I am grateful for a good job where I can stay home with the kids.

I have made a couple good friends. One girl coaches high school club volleyball and has three kids around my kids age and lives three doors down. Another is a girl that just moved up here from Idaho that has a boy that has all the same interest than Corbin. (Corbin is into planets, speed racer, and nature right now ) And the last girlfriend has a son that is the same age as Corbin and has the same name. Corbin thinks that is so cool, to have a friend with the same name. I have been trying to stop by when ever I can because her husband just left for Afghanistan last week. She is so strong though. I complain when Curt leaves for Boston for 10 days. She doesn't get to have her husband with her for a year and he is in the most dangerous place I can imagine. I am already learning so much by moving up here.

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