Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anchorage Market

On Saturday afternoon we headed into Anchorage to see there market. They were selling everything and had some entertainment.
Aubrey has been missing her pink pony that we left in Salt Lake. She at least got to ride this bear. Hopefully she doesn't think she can ride all bears like this. Corbin has been studying planes lately. We have alot of planes like this around, giving tours and peoples personal ones that land on a lake near our house. We heard about this ice cream place from our friends. They make the ice cream here in Alaska and name them names like "Glacier Slit" and "Wild Berry". The only thing I thought was pretty gross was they sold ice cream and reindeer dogs at the same place. Not a good combination.

We also got one of these balls. I can't remember what they called them but in is full of meat and cheese, and than they fry it. Even on a hot day it was so good.

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