Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fishing in Resurrection Bay

Terra felt sorry for me after her awesome fishing trip and let me go fishing the next day. This is Resurrection Bay, AK. I went fishing on Friday and had the most intense fishing trip of my life! Four of us in the boat limited out on Silver Salmon and caught of couple of Kings as well. The Silver Salmon fight like I have never felt before in my entire life it is absolutely amazing! We saw a couple Hump Back Whales near the boat as well as Sea Otters, Jelly Fish, and several Bald Eagles.
Me and my boss Dave holding two King Salomon one of which is a "Feeder" king and the most sought after fish in the business for commercial value.

This silver got nailed by a Sea Lion apparently
This is the first Silver Salmon I have ever caught and the fight was spectacular!


Curtis Bingham said...

This looks like and amazing experience! Those Salmon are huge! Thanks for posting your fishing trip.

Curtis Bingham said...

Those are some beautiful Salmon if I do say so myself.