Saturday, July 4, 2009


So here in Alaska they do fireworks on the 3rd. I think it is because they have to do them after midnight so I guess it is really the 4th. A LDS church was right across the street from the fireworks so our ward family kinda sat in an area together. Because of the time of the fireworks I had to give the kids a nap at 6:00 pm and woke them up again at 9:30pm. I was worried they would be in a bad mood but once they saw there friends they were happy as can be. Corbin's friend shared his pull firecracker and silly string with him. He loved them and wants to go to the store to get more. So for those that wonder how dark it gets in Alaska, this is about it. There is no street lights on and I didn't use my flash. It was kinda weird watching the show when it was so light but it works. Aubrey hated the noise. She was so excited to see them and than once it started she couldn't stop cringing.

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