Sunday, July 19, 2009

My parents are here!

My Parent are here! We have had so much fun so far and it has only been 4 days.

We went over to Potters Marsh. The information booked said that there was 15,000 birds living there but we only saw about 10.

Aubrey was doing ballet on the benches.
The men loved seeing the fish, it made them even more excited for there fishing trips. Next we had some extra time before my mom and I went to the temple so we all went to the zoo. They had a small petting zoo where Aubrey was scared at first but after a bit she didn't want to leave. Curt finally got to see his bear. And see, they weren't scary. On the way to Seward we stopped at Portage and looked in the museum about Glaciers. And than they got to meet Smokey the Bear. Than when the men were fishing, the rest of us went to Exit Glacier and Aubrey and Corbin became a Jr Park Ranger.

We were going to hike to touch the glacier but it started raining. We also went to the Seward Sealife Center. Corbin's favorite part was looking at things in the microscope. Corbin said that he wanted to work here when he gets older.
This is Skittle the Otter. He was so cute playing with his green ball and showing off for everyone.
My mom's favorite bird, the Puffin. And for all of those that are looking forward to Curt's last fishing trip, you will have to wait. My dad took all the pictures so I could have a camera for our adventures. His pictures will be coming soon.

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